Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rehearsing In the Studio

On the Saturday before Memorial Day we gather to turn the amps up, and put in foam ear plugs, recalling famous dead rock stars, their sacrifices and musical legacies, because Freedom is not Free. In addition to   Kirtan-influenced versions of Creedence Clearwater's "Born on the Bayou" we also ran through a number of the latest releases from the bedroom comforter-top studios of Michael and the SilverTone8, which you can hear on line:

This is what the session sounded like:

And here are some studio recordings:
     Anthem for the greatness everywhere resplendent, inchoate and incipient.
     We could make things so much better than what we put up with, let's.
    The Inaugural Theme of "El Presidente," my suddenly-mythical Mexican Stratocaster
     Open Tuning Dulcimer-Pop
     Orchestral Arrangement almost certainly shaped by the majestic Ray Charles version of "Georgia On My Mind" heard way many times on the soundtrack of a 1979 in a Ray-goes "Claymation" movie short when I was a theater usher.

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