Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Live at the Opening Night of the Travelling Yellow Sofa

The opening night of the Travelling Yellow Sofa in Northampton was a memorable one, featuring 15 performances by a stellar lineup of musicians, singer/songwriters, spoken word artists, and poets.
Beginning, ending and interspersed throughout the evening were a series of musical jams with lyrics and chords provided to all, as well as a video tribute Levon Helm, to whom the night was dedicated.

On 4-27-12 a local NPR affiliate, WFCR, aired a feature on the Travelling Yellow Sofa including recordings from opening night:


The Yellow Sofa's permanent weekly home is at the Thirsty Mind in South Hadley (opposite Mt. Holyoke College). For more information, see the Yellow Sofa Open Mic blog at:

Below is a video of something I got to contribute to the evening, a new song called "By Now I Know" (also dedicated to Levon Helm) which does not so much draw on his inimitable style as the deep feelings of affection he created in his family and fans by being the person and musical figure he was--recently eulogized by musician, songwriter and producer Joe Henry as "a deacon who spoke our gospel."

There is also a fancy-schmancy harmony and multiple instrument layered studio version of this song you can listen to by clicking on this link:

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