Monday, December 24, 2012 asks: "What are you going to do with being alive in the world now that we're all here past 12-21-12?"

One thing we decided to do was put out an album on
It is a virtual record that you can download but you can also listen for free on line at your computer.

It's called Meet Michael Silverstone and the SilverTone5

and it features 11 tracks by the band, including Rob Douglas and David Waldfogel, as well as new solo tracks.

You'll hear classics like:

Leaving Tomorrow    
Flying Blind
If It Were To Be
Meet Me in the Field

and many many more! (Well, we said there were 11.)

You're sure to want to download your own copy today, and you'll soon be encouraging every person you know do the same.

Every single person, really?

Yes, really. Believe it. Once you take a listen to this smash new virtual album you'll be calling up people you don't know at random just in case they haven't gotten word yet. But don't just take our word for it. Click on the link below, and take a listen through your own earbones.

Where do I find this album, is it in stores? 

It's only available here, on this screen by brining your mouse to the line below and clicking like so.
Down below this line, that blue one that's underlined. Voila!:

And if you act now, you'll get a special live bonus track of the SilverTone5 live at the Thirsty Mind, sure to be a collector's item. (Full legal disclosure for our friends in Delaware and Alaska: the epic bonus song  many many more!  is not yet available.)

In the meantime we'll leave you with this recent live performance by the SilverTone2, a spin-off project of Michael Silverstone and the SilverTone5, featuring the legendary session sideman Robbie Lloyd Henderson on guitar.

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