Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Michael Silverstone & the SilverTone5

"You pulled in the crowd. It's clear you were having a blast."

"Fun Pop--but not in an annoying way."--5th Annual Happy Valley Showdown Judges

Fans react before--a number of years before--the SilverTone5 draw critical raves, Watusis, Hitchhikers and Mashed Potatoes at the recent "Happy Valley Showdown" with our four-song set. Riding the wave, we then went into the studio the very next day to record our latest hit single:

and the follow-up B-side necessitated by the insatiable demands of the recording industry:

Both will be featured on the 2/27/12 podcast of 411Underground Radio hosted by Madame Rockstress (Patty Siefert) which features her picks of New England's best indy bands.

For an inexplicable AM-style radio promo we did, for the show, click here:

Hear more music at:

See them in action by clicking on:

We are:

David Waldfogel--electric guitar
Denny Wolfe--drums
Rob Douglas--bass, vocals
Michael Silverstone--guitar, keyboards, vocals

Y 5? Y not?

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