Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love and Acceptance

Went to a big city. Got kinda weirded out by unfiltered exposure to public space in this era. Came home and slept in my own bed waking up with the words, "Come back to yourself, come back to yourself." Went into town. A song seed started growing, a tune that kept turning on the phrase "Love and Acceptance". It started to take over, but I wasn't home and didn't want to lose the song. Tried to find a pay phone. There aren't any damn payphones any more, and the last ones are winking out in public spaces, even those that were there in the summer. Thought about trying to find a person with a cell phone, but that would have meant looking crazy for borrowing it to sing a song with gibberish lyrics into along with the repeated phrase "Love and Acceptance". Resolved to keep the song alive manually by repeating it, adding to it until I could get home--like I was doing CPR until I could get it to the hospital. Got home and recorded the song idea, then finished the words, then started recording it. It sounded like this.

Then I made a "Wall of Sound" radio version by adding bass, backing vocals, guitar, a horn section, and more. It sounds like this.

I feel better now. It rocks, and it means something that means something to me.


  1. Course one might ask why you didn't have your own cellphone. I learned that you're regarded as a freak if you don't have one. "It's part of the social contract," as a date told me when I was pre-cellphone. . . .

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