Saturday, April 30, 2011

See That Little Window To The Right That Says: "FOLLOW BY EMAIL?"

If you appreciate the contents of this site please type your address in there and the latest version will always be cued up for you to read. This will be very encouraging to the staff, which will know that there are actually people potentially reading the next post. The intent of the postings will be to explore, explain and document discoveries that spread the means and methods for composing, performing, and sharing recorded music as ordinary humans playing the interesting cards dealt to those of us doing this in 2011. It fuels our industriousness to know there is a reader. Otherwise, it seems crazier than usual to be spending precious time not listening to "How I Wanted To" by Richard Thompson off his 1983 album "Hand of Kindness" or following the success of the Cleveland Indians as the surprise of major league baseball this summer that I was completely unprepared for. Yrs. Trly.--Mgmt.

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