Once I was a volunteer firefighter and had a pager that would go off any time 24/7 that we had a call. Since sometime in 2008 I have had that kind of arrangement with the songwriting muse dispatch system. I am on special call and an agreement that if a melody comes to my attention on waking from a dream or when walking, or doing the dishes, that I will drop what I'm doing and grab a guitar and sing it out and complete it or sketch it out until it's complete enough to come back to it. I have a notebook I add to each month with way over 300 songs, of which I think about 80 do something that I like as much as the picture above. To keep this in perspective, I read that Willie Nelson has 2,500, songs, including "Crazy"; "On the Road Again" and "Funny How Time Slips Away." I thought my guitars were well used, but they're fresh out of the factory compared to his guitar, Trigger, pictured below:

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We play about 60 percent songs by us, but to make things extra fun, we also play classic 60s and 70s (mostly) classic songs we love and you already know.

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                             © 2012 Photo by Anneliese Moyer, Stage Right Photos

Like many, I'm sure, I have long found Richard Thompson, the guitarist, songwriter, performer, and dry wit, to be inspirationaly superhuman at all those things. A few years ago I got to attend the inaugural week of Frets and Refrains, the Richard Thompson family-led songwriting and guitar playing summer camp, now held every year in the Catskills. If you ever have the chance to go, I suggest you do. It will almost certainly make you glad(der) that you were born.  Here's what I mean: